What Sets Us Apart

Information for Our Apprehensive Patients

Now, any dental procedure can be done in a completely comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We are able to offer our patients the option of intravenous (IV) sedation or a combination of anti-anxiety medications. Both methods are safe but are determined by the level of comfort for the patient.

For our apprehensive patients who get anxious, we provide nitrous oxide (sweet air). It has the effect of making the patient feel as if he or she is at “happy hour.” After the procedures are completed, the patient can return to a normal daily routine.

Many people start experiencing anxiety merely thinking about their dental appointment. This can happen the night before or just prior to their scheduled appointment. For this type of patient, we offer anti-anxiety medication or a combination of medications prior to the appointment.

This allows the patient to “get through the front door.” The effects can include drowsiness or just a sense of comfort. Prior to starting any procedures, nitrous oxide (sweet air) is provided. The combination of oral anxiety medication and nitrous oxide enables our patients to feel relaxed and comfortable before, during, and several hours after their visit.

For patients that have the highest level of anxiety, we offer “dentistry while you sleep.” Any dental procedure can be done while the patient is offered intravenous sedation. Our on-staff oral surgeon monitors the patient during the entire process while under the effect of the IV sedation. We are able to provide all treatment ranging from implants and extractions to even a cleaning.

Our specialists and general dentists work together to provide a full range of services during the sedation. This type of sedation is very safe. The doctors can communicate with the patient, and there is no memory of the procedure afterward.

Of course, prior to sedation or anti-anxiety medication, patients are required to be accompanied to and from the office.